Make your own vibrator

Master electronics, learn to code, make a vibrator.

A make-your-own vibrator kit and workshop subscription, designed to introduce the basics of electronics, software and customisable pleasure.

Do It Yourself.

We believe that by understanding how things are made, we can achieve a greater intimacy with our owned possessions, and each other.

Customize it.

Not everyone likes the same things. Learn to solder and get-hands on with our modular style casing and components to customize every step of the way!

A Sex(Tech) education.

From Arduino to AI, we’re developing a full SexTech-focused curriculum that will cover a range of updated tech topics. And you’ll enjoy this class far beyond the assembly process.

Release coming soon.

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Workshops in production.

Check out a preview of our future classes below!


Electronics 101
Solder like a pro
Coding with Arduino
Advanced haptics
Everything IoT
Teledildonics masterclass
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Touchy-Feely Tech creates educational kits and experiences that combine electronic hardware, software skills and hands-on craft.



Where can I buy a kit?

They aren’t available just yet! We are currently trialling the kits in a series of beta workshops. To be a beta tester, we will be doing a call-out for participants via our mailing list soon, so be sure to sign up or follow us over on Twitter or Instagram.

Is it safe to use?

We use body-safe materials for the casing, lead-free solder and components, and if assembled correctly the product is totally safe to assemble and use.

But won’t I electrocute myself?

With correct assembly, the electronics are completely safe to be handled, and the provided case creates a safe distance between you and the electronics!

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to make, customise, and enjoy their own vibrator. Our mission is to get more people excited about building their own hardware, encouraging wider representation across tech fields in the process.

Who made the images for this website?

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